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Rent Apartments in Ávila
Rent Apartments in Ávila

Rent Apartments in Ávila

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Avila is the capital of the province, and here we can find everything from cultural heritage, history, art, gastronomy, festivals, mysticism, architecture and nature. It’s an old, medieval city of three cultures, with World Heritage denomination, on The Castilian Language Route, and part of the Network of Jewish Quarters.

City walls, manor houses, palaces, temples, and convents make up the rich artistic heritage of the city, fruit of an enriching, historic past where different cultures shared the stage.

In religious architecture its Cathedral (XII–XV century) with its military function, thanks to its fortified front facade, predominates, as well as the Romanic churches of San Vicente (XII–XIV century) and San Pedro or the Monastery of Saint Thomas (XV century), summer residence of the Catholic Monarchs, Fernando and Isabel.

Its main monument is the imposing City Wall of Avila (XI–XIV century), which was begun in the year 1090. The enclosed area covers 31 hectares and the wall perimeter is around 2.516m, making it the largest monument in the World to be completely illuminated.

It is one of the oldest Castilian cities, dating its origins to the Celtiberians.  From the 11th Century onwards the city remained definitively under Christian rule and was when its golden age began, after years of struggle under the Re-conquest of Spain.  In 1515 Teresa Sánchez de Cepeda Dávila y Ahumada was born, known as Santa Teresa, who together with San Juan de la Cruz, also from Avila, elevated mystic Spanish poetry to its highest levels.

Among its many festivals the first well-known celebration after the freezing winter is Easter (Semana Santa) and, as the temperatures are still cool - especially at night, you mustn’t forget to wear warm clothing to witness the spectacle.


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