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Rent Apartments in Burgos
Rent Apartments in Burgos

Rent Apartments in Burgos

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Situated in the north of the Iberian Peninsula it is the capital of the province of the same name.  Burgos is a beautiful city steeped in history and is without doubt one of the cultural destinations that cannot be missed.

Among the many monuments that should be visited is the Cathedral, the Castle ruins, the Arch of Santa Maria, the Monastery of Miraflores, or the Main Square (Plaza Mayor), where we can also enjoy the excellent local cuisine.

The typical dishes are: black-pudding and Burgos Cheese, as well as Roast Lamb, Castilian Soup, Burgos Soup, and beans (caparrones) which are another speciality of Burgos.  But, without a doubt, the most famous dish of the city is “Rotten Pot” (olla podrida), which is a stew of beans, black-pudding, chorizo sausage, pork rib, bacon and other parts of the pig.

There are many festivals and fairs celebrated in Burgos throughout the year.  The first of these is the Fiesta de San Anton, which is celebrated on the 17th January, but the most famous festival is for Saint Pedro and Saint Pablo, on the 29th of June.


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