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Rent Apartments in Ribadesella
Rent Apartments in Ribadesella

Rent Apartments in Ribadesella

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Ribadesella (Ribeseya in Austurian,) founded by Alfonso X the Wise, was one of the principal Asturian ports of the 19th century.  This town stands out for the variety of its tourist offer, and most of all for the activities surrounding the Tito Bustillo cave, famous for its prehistoric wall paintings.

Its climate is similar to all the seaside towns of the region, characterized by mild and warm conditions, with an average annual temperature of around 16 ° C.

Of its beaches, Guadamía, in the town of Cuerres, stands out for its extraordinary beauty.  It is comprised of a large tidal inlet surrounded by wild vegetation, and while at high-tide it's a crystalline pool, at low-tide it is a great expanse of sand.

Ribadesella has a great monumental patrimony, with discoveries that date to the Jurassic Age such as the dinosaur footprints found in the cliffs of Vega in Tereñes, and on the western part of Ribadesella beach.

Named a Municipality of Tourist Excellence, it offers visitors rural and urban tourism, thanks to its natural beauty, history and monuments, gastronomy, and more than anything for its great number of celebrations and festivals, including the International Descent of Sella (the first Saturday after August 2nd.)


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