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spain holiday rentals: apartments in tarragona
spain holiday rentals: apartments in tarragona

spain holiday rentals: apartments in tarragona

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Tarragona is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, at the summit of a hill, making it a natural viewpoint.

The city is home to many important archaeological sites of the Ancient Roman city of Tarraco, from where its present name is derived. Founded in 218 B.C. by the Romans, the site was strategically chosen and would in time become capital of Hispania Citerior.

Tarragona has a rich monumental heritage allowing us to admire Roman remains such as the wall that surrounds the Old City, the Forum, the amphitheatre, the aqueduct, the Tower of the Scipios and Arch of Bara among many others. Further places of interest include El Campo de Marte, El Medol, and El paseo de las Palmeras. In addition to these cultural sites are the beaches of La Pineda, La Rabasada and del Miracle, the Museum of Archaeology, the Museum of Modern Art, the Diocesano Museum and the Paleochristian Necrópolis.

The archeological features that make up the Roman ruins of Tarraco and the port of Tarragona, have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Today Tarragona stands out as a metropolis steeped in culture, tradition and history. Popular events such as Carnival, the festivities of Tarraco Viva, the Conscurso Castells – human towers – and other festivals and celebrations on offer in Tarragona, make the city a very attractive destination for the traveler.


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